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Allman Brothers - “Dream“ Chords

Allman Brothers Dream ChordsAllman Brothers Dream chords. Related pages are Midnight Rider Video Tutorial, Stormy Monday Video Tutorial, Statesboro Blues Video Tutorial, One Way Out Video Tutorial, Blue Sky Video Tutorial. See all Allman Brothers tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

These 'Dream' chords by Allman Brothers also include lyrics.

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This is one of those songs like that sounds like an easy, layed back blues jammer song on the surface.
When you look deeper into it, you find it is not that typical comfort zone you think it is at first. But if you practice and learn how to play over
it you will discover a whole new blues style of playing. The chords to this song sets the stage for some unique phrasing. Hats off to those in the Allman Brothers that composed this gem!

D7 with sus 4, D7

G7, F7 E7#9
C7, A#7, A7#9


Same as E just move it up the 12th fret.

D7 with sus 4.

Playing solos:
Through verses play D major five note scale and D Mixolydian 7 note scale.
The D major notes are in the D mixolydian scale but it is not at hard as it sounds.
For those use to playing that common five note minor blues scale (the first thing we learn and sometimes the only thing).
Move your five note minor scale down 3 frets. Basically the same notes you play for a B minor five note scale is the D major 5 note scale.
For this song you are going to want to mix in the other two notes to make a 7 note scale. But instead of playing the minor notes of
the B minor scale you want to flatten one note. The C# to a C.  So the boxes you want to visualize playing are your five note B minor
scale and your 7 note E minor scale.
The proper term for this is D mixalydian but those root key is D not E.
If you know just your minor scales only, like most learning guitarist then you kind of already know the boxes. Just remember your B minor 5 note boxes
 and E minor 7 note boxes and you will be in the zone.

When the chorus changes come into effect try changing to your E Minor 5 note scale through the (G7, F7 E7#9) part and the Am scale on the
(C7, A#7, A7#9).

By Randall T.

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